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A word from our Chief Electoral Officer, Dr. Boda 

Thank you for showing an interest in the 28th General Election. The Elections Saskatchewan team has been working towards this event since we wrapped up our last general election in November 2011.  Now that it is almost here, I’m excited to have you join us in this important act of democracy.

Since I was appointed as the Chief Electoral Officer in 2012, we have taken significant strides towards improving the delivery of electoral events in our province. I have listened to your feedback about our electoral system and your suggestions for improvement. Elections Saskatchewan worked closely with other election officials across Canada, political parties, and the voting public to bring in new policies and procedures that will improve our electoral system for this election and all that follow.

As part of revitalizing Elections Saskatchewan as an institution, we established some shared values that are guiding us in administering provincial electoral events. I hope that these values – independence, impartiality, professionalism, accountability, innovation, and service orientation – will be embodied by all of the Elections Saskatchewan team, at both head office and in the field.

The 28th General Election will be the biggest electoral event that we have ever coordinated. And it will be run in 61 new constituencies, rather than the current 58 we have today following the 2012 boundary review. We need 10,000 workers to help us run this election by working at roughly 3,000 voting places across the province. These workers are vitally important because they are face of Elections Saskatchewan in the election; this is who the 750,000 voters interact with when they go to vote. That interaction largely shapes the public’s perception of the election and whether it was run well or not.

Saskatchewan has a tremendous tradition of democracy. Participating in elections is a central part of that. It’s important that individuals be involved in this process, because we won’t be able to continue to grow our province without their contribution.

I look forward to working with you to run the next general election in the province of Saskatchewan.