This issue of the Writ Period Bulletin for Field Leadership Team includes articles on:

  • Close of Nomination Day Procedures & Candidate Deposits;
  • Installing Accessibility Upgrades; and
  • How to View and Print a VIC in VoterView.

Close of Nomination Day Procedures & Candidate Deposits

On the day fixed for the close of nominations (Saturday, March 19) you must:

  • Be in your office at 9 a.m.;
  • Read aloud the writ of election;
  • Announce the nominations that have been received; and
  • Announce any further nominations you receive throughout the day.

At the close of nominations (2 p.m. on Saturday, March 19):

  • Declare that nominations are closed;
  • Announce the names, political affiliations, addresses and occupations of the candidates Nominated and the names and addresses of the candidates’ business managers;
  • Announce the date of the election (Monday, April 4, 2016); and
  • Deliver to each candidate nominated (or their candidate representative) a copy of the E-409 form – Notice of Candidates Nominated and their Business Managers Appointed.

Don’t forget to enter the candidate information into ESPREE as soon as you accept nomination papers.  It is critical to make sure the information you are entering is accurate – it is used to print ballots and to produce the legislated advertising. Once a candidate’s information is entered into ESPREE do not change it. There is a team of people at head office dedicated to verifying that the information in ESPREE is correct and matches the information provided by candidates in their Nomination Papers.

Note: In the unlikely event that there is only one candidate nominated at the close of nominations, he or she will be declared duly elected.  If this occurs, before making such a declaration, you must contact the Support Desk at 1-866-249-7186, select option 3 and ask to speak to Jeff Kress.

Candidates’ deposits must be couriered to Jennifer Colin, c/o Elections Saskatchewan, #301-3303 Hillsdale Street, Regina, S4S 6W9.  The deposit is returned to the candidate providing he or she files the Candidate’s Election Expenses Return by the deadline 3 months following Election Day.

Installing Accessibility Upgrades

The following outlines the final steps to ensuring that advance poll and election day polling locations are accessible:

  • Double-check that all the products you need for specific polling locations have been received. Refer to the email from Susan Kalcsits (sent between Feb 20-23) to confirm the accessibility status of all voting locations in your constituency and any remediation requirements.
  • Review your plan to have remediation products installed at identified polling locations to ensure it addresses the following:
    • Assign an individual (pay at Messenger rate) to deliver, assemble, install and pick up the remediation products. This person needs to be able to lift up to 40lbs comfortably and be familiar with using basic tools.  Two standard size wrenches are needed:  1/2” and 9/16”.
    • Installation should take place the day prior to voting at advance polls (Monday March 28) and election day (Sunday April 3).
    • Removal of these products should take place by the person who installed them when advance polls close and the day following election day. The products will need to be taken back to the returning office and returned to Elections SK following the election.
    • You are to pick up only the products you installed. Ramps installed by Medichair will be picked up by them directly.
  • The following is the link to a short training video demonstrating how to assemble and install the modular rubber ramps and modular aluminum ramps. Please review the training video and have the person(s) responsible for the installation of these products watch the training video as well.


How to View and Print a VIC in VoterView

Now that Voter Information Cards (VICs) are arriving in mailboxes, you may receive inquiries from voters regarding the VICs they received.  In dealing with these voters, you my find it helpful to be able to view the voter’s VIC in VoterView. This is how to do it:

  • Search for the voter by name;
  • From the voter information screen, select “Print” button at the bottom of the “Action” menu;
  • From the pop-up “Print Screen”, click the “Doculink VIC” button and it will enable you to view the voter’s VIC;
  • You can reprint the voter’s VIC in your office to replace one that was lost or misplaced;
  • You can also save a copy of a voter’s VIC to your desktop and attach it to an email if the voter provides you with an email address; and
  • If you receive an error message after clicking on the “Doculink VIC” button, it means that a VIC has not been produced for this voter. If the voter registers by the end of the registration period (March 23) and provides you with an email address, a VIC can be generated and emailed to the voter.