March 2, 2016
Table of Contents

Once the Writs of Election Are Issued

As you are aware, the Writs of Election can be issued any time between right now and March 8. You will receive a Bulletin announcing the issuance of the Writ as soon as Dr. Michael Boda has received the order to issue the Writs of Election from the Lieutenant Governor in Council. SROs should schedule a conference call with the ROs in their zone to discuss the next steps as soon as reasonably possible after the Writs are issued.

On the day the Writs are issued, you will receive, by email, an electronic copy of the Writ for your constituency. Within one to three days business days, the original signed Writ will arrive at your office by courier, along with clear instructions on what to do with the document. More specific instructions will be included in a Bulletin message that will be sent once the Writs are issued.

Election Proclamations will be printed as soon as the Writs are issued. Election Proclamations will be shipped to ROs through Purolator. According to legislation, you must have the Proclamations posted no later than seven days prior to nomination day. If you do not receive the Proclamation by eight days prior to nomination day, call the Support Desk at 1-866-249-7186 to make other arrangements. A note with more specific dates in regards to the posting of the Proclamation will be sent to FLT members on the day the Writs are issued.




Voters List Revisions

Enumeration formally closed on February 23. Voters who need to make revisions are to contact Elections SK online, by mail or in person to have changes made to their voter record.  On March 23 there will be one final day of revision where any further changes to the preliminary voters list can be made.  After this day, no other changes can be made to the voters list until advance polls and election day when voters can register to be placed on the list before they vote.

On Revision Day (March 23), any voter wishing to make an addition, deletion or correction to the voters list must do so at the returning office where they can complete  a Registration Form (E-207RP) and you must complete a Confirmation Record form (E-207). 

Following the close of revisions on March 23, you must immediately scan all confirmation records and email them to  The data from these final revisions will be entered in VoterView at Elections SK so that the preliminary list can be revised.  Elections SK will then send you another PDF file of the revised voters list before advance polling starts.

The revisions will be designated with ** beside the name to indicate they were either added or changed during revision.


Transferring the Preliminary Voters List to Your Laptop

Son Lu from Elections SK’s IT team is ready to transfer a PDF file to your RO laptop containing the names, addresses, etc. of all the eligible voters for your constituency.  This is your preliminary list of voters.  When ROs are ready to receive the file transfer, they should send Son an email at  Son wants to call ROs prior to beginning the transfer, so please include a phone number in the email.  You will also need to ensure that your RO laptop is plugged into an electrical outlet and turned on before the file transfer can take place.

By now you should have also received a USB Thumb Drive from Elections SK. Please call the Support Desk at 1-866-249-7186 to have the contents of the USB transferred to your RO laptop.  As a reminder, there has been a change in the method used for the training presentation for poll workers. Instructions on how to implement this change will be given when you call the IT Support Desk to transfer the data on your USB Thumb Drive.


Printing and Distributing the Preliminary Voters List

Once the Writs are issued you may print copies in anticipation of distributing it to nominated candidates. Printed copies are to be kept in a locked storage cabinet within your office until you are ready to distribute them to candidates who have filed nomination papers. Each nominated candidate should be provided one paper copy of the preliminary voters list. Do NOT print or distribute the list until after the Writs are issued.

If nomination papers were filed by someone other than the candidate or the candidate’s business manager, you must contact the candidate or business manager and arrange for the list to be picked up.  Make sure the person picking up the list completes Form E-293 (Declaration to Protect the List of Electors).

Candidates or their representatives may request an electronic copy of the list. If the candidate requests an electronic copy of the list, send an email to  The email should contain the following information:

  • Candidate’s name
  • Candidate’s email address
  • Candidate’s phone number
  • Confirmation that an E-293 has been signed by the candidate
  • Constituency name

Inform the candidate that Elections SK IT will send a password protected copy of the list to the candidate via email and call them with the password within 24 hours.