November 17, 2015
Table of Contents

Thank You to All Those Who Supported the 2015 Federal Election

I want to offer our thanks to all—over 85 percent of Elections Saskatchewan staff members—who assisted Elections Canada during the October 19 federal election.

ESK staff members took on a variety of roles, ranging from advance poll and election day workers to Returning Officers and office staff, working diligently throughout the lengthy writ period.

ESK staff’s participation in the federal election offered integral support to Elections Canada in its efforts to conduct the federal electoral event. And, at the same time, your involvement offered invaluable training as part of our efforts to equip our ESK team to administer Saskatchewan’s upcoming April 4, 2016 election.

Thank you again to all those who participated. I genuinely appreciate your participation in this effort.


Dr. Michael Boda
Chief Electoral Officer
Province of Saskatchewan

Online Absentee Voting Applications

Absentee voting applications are now available on ESK’s website at the following link:

Voters can download, complete and submit their application forms to head office.  Head office will accept absentee voter applications during the pre-writ period. Once the writ drops applications will be forwarded to ROs who will be responsible for mailing absentee ballot kits to voters.

If you have any questions about online absentee voting applications, please contact Katherine Schmidt, ESK’s new Electoral Operations Assistant, either by phone at (306) 519-2672 or by email at

Introducing Katherine Schmidt

Please join ESK’s head office staff in welcoming our new operations staff member, Katherine Schmidt.

Katherine joins us as an Electoral Operations Assistant. She has completed certificates in Office Education and Human Resources Management. She is currently completing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Labour Studies.

Katherine’s previous work experience has a strong focus on human resources. Prior to joining Elections Saskatchewan she was employed as a Human Resources Administrator with the First Nations University of Canada.

New Field Leadership Team (FLT) Members

We have been working hard to recruit DSROs throughout the province. The primary responsibility of a DSRO is to assist their SRO in the completion of duties within a geographic zone. For example, members of the DSRO team will be proactively involved in the accessibility reviews. The DSRO team will attend the FLT training scheduled in February. Below you will find a list of the DSROs we have hired:

  • Zone 1- John Meilke
  • Zone 2- Lorri Wiberg
  • Zone 3- Diane Smith
  • Zone 4- Sherrie Racz
  • Zone 5- Ted Dupmeier
  • Zone 6- Kellianne Chelsom
  • Zone 7- Evelyn Burnett
  • Zone 8- Tim Haywahe

We are still in the process of finalizing a couple of the DSRO positions and we will send a note to the FLT introducing these team members at a later date.

We are also pleased to report that we have hired Frank Elberg. Frank worked as a Field Liaison Officer during the 2011 General Election. Frank brings with him a wealth of election experience and specific knowledge of the area.

Please join ESK’s head office staff in welcoming these new members to our team.

Updated ‘Take Part’ Cards

We’ve printed updated cards for the ‘Take Part’ campaign. You’ll find an example of the updated cards below. If you’d like some of these cards please send a request to our communications team at