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Take part

Give back to your community as an individual.

Working on an election is a great way to support democracy, build your network and reconnect with friends. More than 10,000 people serve as non-partisan workers during elections. These workers are the backbone of our democratic election system. 

You can stay on top of Saskatchewan election news by reading The Xpress.

Do your part for democracy and your community. Consider offering your time today. 

Work an election

Give back to your community as a group.

Working the election is an excellent opportunity for people to contribute to their community as a group. We know that service organizations, sports/arts clubs, companies both large and small, and faith communities have a long tradition of giving their time to serve their neighbours, while also looking for fundraising opportunities.

Working the election allows groups to support democracy and raise funds at the same time. Groups have the opportunity to pool together with each member donating all, or some, of their election pay to the same charity. The end result is a much larger donation.

The first step is to express your interest in working here. Then at the in-person election training sessions in March, you will fill out a form to direct your pay to any registered charity.

The second step is to register as a group by contacting us at communications@elections.sk.ca, or leave us your information in the form below and we'll contact you.

Learn more about how to support a charity