Each of Saskatchewan’s 61 constituencies are lead by a returning officer. This person oversees the planning, organizing and managing of provincial electoral events (general elections, by-elections, plebiscites) within their constituency. Duties include hiring election workers, running the returning office, finding poll locations, dealing with issues, and handing out/counting ballots.

The returning officer is appointed to their position by the Chief Electoral Officer of Saskatchewan. Their term in this role ends six months after the electoral event, or may be re-appointed by the Chief Electoral Officer.

Returning officer position profile

What is a returning officer paid? Check out the Schedule of Fees here.

What do past election workers have to say? Watch this video here on YouTube.

Current opportunities:

Regina Northeast
A provincial by-election will be held in Regina Northeast (includes Uplands and Glencairn) either this spring or summer. And we need a returning officer. See the Returning Officer job ad here, or the position profile above.

Cypress Hills and Rosetown-Elrose
We need returning officers in both of these constituencies. See the position profile above.

To apply for the above positions, email your resume and a cover letter to hr@elections.sk.ca. Before submitting your application, please confirm that you are a resident in the constituency for which you are applying. You can find your constituency here.

Check back here for future opportunities in other constituencies as we get ready for the 2020 Provincial General Election.