Ways to vote

A by-election date for the constituency of Saskatoon Meewasin has not yet been announced by the Premier of Saskatchewan. By law, one must be held by May 29, 2017.

There will be many ways to vote in this by-election:

1. In person on by-election day;

2. In person at an advance poll;

3. At Saskatoon City Hospital or a mobile poll. Information on these options will be posted here as soon as the by-election date is announced;

4. If you are homebound due to a disability, you can complete an application form to have an election worker come to your home so you and your caregiver, if eligible, could both cast a ballot. You can download the hombound voting application here.

5. If you are away from your Saskatoon Meewasin home during the by-election you can vote by mail. To vote by mail, you first apply for an absentee ballot. It’s important to not wait too long to start this process. You need to allow enough time to:

  • download an absentee voter application here;
  • fill it in (you can print it and fill it in by hand, or fill it in electronically) and send it to the email address on the application (Saskatoon Meewasin returning officer) along with a copy of your ID;
  • wait for a voting kit to arrive to you by mail shortly after the writ drops for the Saskatoon Meewasin by-election; and
  • mark your ballot and mail it back to us, postmarked by 8 p.m. on by-election day.

As well, if you are still at home, but will be away during advance polls and on by-election day, please visit the Saskatoon Meewasin Returning Office after the writ drops and you can vote by absentee ballot at that time.