About Preliminary Results

Understanding Preliminary Results

Elections SK established a total of 3,564 ballot boxes (sometimes called ‘polls’) for the 28th General Election. A breakdown of these is as follows:

  • 2,942 regular ballot boxes
  • 239 advance ballot boxes
  • 195 mobile ballot boxes (personal care homes)
  • 61 homebound ballot boxes
  • 59 hospital ballot boxes
  • 7 remand ballot boxes
  • 61 absentee ballot boxes (vote by mail or voting in a returning office)

Preliminary election results included counts of the following:

  • All regular ballot boxes
  • All advance ballot boxes
  • All mobile ballot boxes (personal care homes)
  • All homebound ballot boxes

Not included in the preliminary election results released on election night are absentee, hospital and remand centre ballot boxes.

These polls were included in the total number of ballot boxes reported on election night; however, the count of ballots for each are recorded as zero until ballots are counted on Saturday, April 16 at the Final Count. This method of reporting was done to ensure transparency in accounting for all of the ballot boxes to be counted in the election.

Previous Election Results 

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